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For students and families who seek advice on specific matters (excluding college list), I offer hourly consultations.


Another popular choice is the 4-HOUR CONSULTATION PACKAGE which allows students and families customized advice on individual matters. If it’s a half-hour session or a two-hour session required, clients can meet for advice on:

  • curriculum and appropriate level of challenge 
  • academic strengths and how to develop these further 
  • areas of concern and how to constructively address 
  • considerations around testing ex. PSAT; SAT Subject Tests; AP; etc.
  • potential academic interests—how to explore and develop 
  • extracurricular activities that are meaningful to the student 
  • planning summer activities that connect to student interests
  • seeking solid recommendations 
  • review of Common Application; Coalition Application; individual college’s application; state-wide system applications 
  • résumé review and editing
  • developing the athletic résumé and approach for students seeking recruitment 
  • parent timeline for financial aid application 


Provides comprehensive and personalized list preparation, providing details on 20-25 schools, with target, reach, and good-bet possibilities.The list is based on student’s academic and social fit and goals; student and parent criteria; review of grades, classes and test scores and extracurricular activities the student is involved in. 


Consultation to review a student-derived list of colleges, offering feedback on how the indicated schools fit with student goals; learning style; academic credentials; test scores; and extracurriculars. 


Mock interviewing, reviewing common college interview questions so that students are prepared and confident to share their point of view; personal strengths; interest in the college; fit for the program.

College Consulting

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